Experience the transformative power of yoga!!  Join Paula on her signature Program, 40 Days of Sadhana, starting on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd, first day of Fall (or Autumn Equinox).


At 9:31 am on Sept. 22nd, the sun will be directly above the Equator, when day and night will be of equal length. A perfect balance between light and dark. It's the time of the year to honor the harvest! The real harvest we plant in our garden, and the harvest of the intentions we plant in our hearts.


It's an opportunity to honor the abundance we have in life, shifting our consciousness from what we believe we lack to a sense of deep gratitude for what we have.


It's a time to go within and clear up space, recycle old ideas and use the energy they hold to fertilize "new soil" for creativity to flourish, and for greater vision to grow!


How the program unfolds:


It is believed that it takes 40 days to change a habit. My intention during this program is to encourage you to establish a daily routine of self-care that will improve and support the quality of your life.


Take a moment to think about 3 things that you could give up or embrace, that could transform the quality of the life you are living now... Are you struggling with an addiction? Are you dealing with health conditions related to stress? Are you dissatisfied with the way you are leading your life?


You don't have to be an experienced yogi to participate! But if you do have experience, you might surprise yourself with how much more you will learn during these 40 Days!! We have had all walks of life in our past groups, including Yoga Teachers, Social Workers, Busy Entrepreneurs, teenagers, as well as students with medical conditions and physical limitations, and they all absolutely loved the 40-day journey of self-study.


This program is for anyone!!! Especially those that recognize that they could be enjoying some many gifts their lives have to offer, if only they could get out of their own way and their own heads:-)


Here are some details of how the program unfolds:


  • We will be studying the Royal Path of Yoga (Raja Yoga), a system codified by the sage Patanjali and written in The Yoga Sutras. I will share the many tools I learned from my teachers over decades of my own practice and studies.


  • There are 8 components (Ashtanga) to classical yoga, and the 40-Day Program is divided into 8 segments, each of them will reveal one component. As you master each segment, you begin to work on more subtle aspects of your being, beginning with habits and behavior, then proceeding to work on the body, the breath, and the functions of the mind.


  • In each segment we will also study the Chakras (the 7 wheels of energy that spin along your central channel of energy), one at a time, and investigate how the Chakras relate to each component of classical yoga.


  • At the beginning of each segment, the group meets live on Zoom to introduce each other and to share their concerns and intentions. This has been a very important tool, especially during the latest program. It created a beautiful and trustful bond between students, as it developed into "talk therapy" group sessions.


  • On the first day of each segment, we will explore the field of Myofascial (muscle-tissue) Release, and learn how to utilize certain tools to "massage" areas of the physical body that might be holding stagnant points of energy, blocking the Chakra we will be working on during that segment.


  • Each day you will receive an email at 5am with a seed of inspiration to motivate you to begin your day with a fresh perspective in life, and to keep you on track! There is also a link to the video for daily practice, which includes the "dharma talk" (the teachings) AND the physical therapeutic practice, which includes postures and breath awareness. You choose when to do your practice! Some students practice at sunrise. Some wait until mid-day. Others practice prior to bedtime. Remember: this is your practice and you need to make your choices according to your own needs.


  • During the course of the program, we will be investigating: important breath techniques and how Prana (life force) underlies all activities on physical, mental and physiological levels; the 3 main centrals of energy (the nadis); the 5 sheaths (Koshas) of our existence; and much more.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to reveal your pure essence!!