Paula Bellini

Yoga Therapist

Yoga is not a destination, as in "touching your toes"...

Yoga is a JOURNEY!!! It's what you discover on your way down to the toes:-)

It's about arriving at your mat daily and allowing your practice to unfold without judgments...

It's about honoring your body's needs and practicing with what is available to you in that moment...

It's about surrendering to the present moment and being grateful for the breath you take...

It's about slowing down in order to get strong!

It's about finding goodness in everything and everyone just because you can!

It's about peeling the layers of illusions that prevent you from revealing your true self...

It's about being kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others.

Yoga helps you understand that thoughts are temporary and you are THE ONE in control of their quality. 

Oh, and yes, Yoga does teach you how to touch your toes eventually, after you create space in the body (and the mind) to release tension and finally reach down to touch them:-)  It's a beautiful journey:-)

Embrace YOUR journey!

Cherish each breath, each moment, for THAT is all you take with you...



Paula Bellini is a leading yoga therapist and teacher in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.  She offers a holistic, client-centered approach, that is safe and supportive working to identify areas of imbalance, considering physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms, and to empower clients to create positive transformation in their overall health and wellbeing.

Paula found yoga over 30 years ago in her hometown, Rio de Janeiro, inspired by the beauty of Tantra Yoga Philosophy.  Her very first practice was an introduction to meditation and pranayama with energy visualization.  Yoga has since become a way of living.

Paula left Brazil as a successful and traveled model arriving in New York in 1994 to live the "American Dream."  From babysitting to waiting tables to bartending, she made her way to college and graduated with honors in 2001, already holding a full-time job on Wall Street.  Paula worked long hours on the 74th floor of Two World Trade Center and held on to her yoga in order to stay centered and positive.  Her career was taking off fast and on September 10th, 2001 she met a client that was about to change her fate.  But the following morning, September 11th, 2001, has changed Paula's life forever!!!

Paula never made up to her office that morning, but her soon to be husband went up for an early meeting and never made it back out of the building, leaving Paula 7 weeks pregnant with her dreams shattered and grief that could stop a heart from beating.  Yoga then became a home for a broken heart and enlightened Paula with the realization that this was all part of her journey.  She embraced her journey and cherished every moment of her pregnancy.

Nicholas was born healthy and serene the following year.  His birth brought hope back and filled Paula's heart with love again.  She eventually remarried and had a little girl that can fill the room with her smile and bubbly personality.  Nicholas is a smart and very kind young man who is being raised to be a true gentleman, following the footsteps of his father.

Paula became a registered yoga teacher with the intention to share the empowering practice of yoga with her students, bringing a calming presence and uplifting style to encourage each student to “embrace their journey and live in the moment”  She is now a Yoga Therapist, certified with IAYT, after spending years of studies and research to help people from all walks of life to reintegrate body, mind and spirit. She offers a safe and supportive practice in which individuals are empowered to create positive transformation in their overall health and well being.

Using a combination of yoga techniques such as physical poses (asanas), movement therapy, breath awareness, meditation, guided relaxation, stress-reduction through mindfulness, yoga philosophy and many other timeless tools, Paula adapts each private session to suit individual’s conditions and goals, aiming to improve function and vitality in the body and mind.

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