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"It is my absolute pleasure to write this letter in support of Paula Bellini in her choice to pursue further studies in yoga therapy.  I have been her student for several years now. Her compassion and intelligence and passion for yoga and humankind is apparent to all who know her. Her ability to teach and translate ideas into practice is amazing.As a cardiologist I appreciate her understanding of human anatomy. I feel absolutely safe following her cues. She offers the perfect balance of guidance and quiet. I often say her classes are deceptively difficult. She is clear enough for a beginner to follow  but even the most advanced participants are inspired by her practice. Having Paula in my life is a blessing and it is always my great pleasure to bring friends and family to her classes and workshops. I know she is passionate about this new path and I know she  will be a great success as a yoga therapist."

Jeanne L. , Armonk NY


"I have been practicing for about 15 years. As a student I have gone to many classes, in the past few years nearly every single day. As a result I have had many teachers all of them as individuals offering something unique to me. But you are one of the few that has instilled multiple things; 1.       You have a great sense of what is important which is the practice and the breath, not how long we are in the room together! You never were rushed or flustered by the class length offering the most and best possible to us as students. 2.       You are an active listener and observer of those around you. Many are quick to speak and to action…You are quick to take note and study, these skills are far too few in our world today! 3.       You worked actively to make a connection introducing yourself to any and all new students while remembering those who practice more frequently with you. In today’s electronically linked world you made it a personal connection with a smile, a hug and a personal greeting 4.       You are a positive force, creating classes and choosing to help us as students deal with a world that is chaotic and confusing. This despite experiencing a personal loss that for many  would have left us pessimistic and crushed. I wish you nothing but the best in your journey and recommend to any one that is considering you that there are few in this world with the gifts, dedication and humble nature that Paula Bellini has to offer!"

Doug A. , Darien CT


"Paula approaches each class with a sense of joy and anticipation.  As her student, this commitment to her craft, her yoga, flows like a personal gift.  Each student receives her greeting as class begins, the benefit of her careful preparation as class proceeds and an individual bow of Namaste as class concludes.   The class never truly ends as we carry the mindfulness, peace and gratitude into our day and to the people and circumstances of our own life.  She creates a sense of dynamic possibility while we are on our mat and encourages us to bring that energy into out into the world. Thank you, Paula!"

Stasha C. Darien, CT"


"My body and soul screamed for peace for many years and we finally found it when we met Paula.  Her kindness, thoughtfulness, sensitivity as well as her keen intuition spoke to my restless body and soul.  She gave my body peace by showing me how special my body composition was - how my body parts were connected and not just pieces of limb to be worked on.  She taught me that my body aches are not permanent or something for me to just accept.  With her challenging yoga flow balanced with her knowledge of restorativeness as well as her calming words of guidance, I was finally able to accept yoga as a mind body concept instead of a workout to get done on my “to do” list. It is obvious that Paula loves being a student attending various training programs and seminars.  She is always excited to talk to us about the event beforehand but always return to share information/knowledge and allowing us to all benefit.  She has the natural gift of being a teacher and as a result, professionalism comes easily to her.  She floats like a butterfly during class and is able to connect with each student individually.  Paula has the ability to make every student feel special.         Her professionalism even shines through in her clothing.  Paula dresses fashionably for classes with outfits that are not your typical yoga athletic wear.  These outfits allows her to easily demonstrate any pose as well as prominently displays her as the teacher.  They are beautifully put together pieces of clothing that reflect her personality. I have followed Paula for many years and happily look forward to continuing to grow my practice with her."

Helen P. , Darien CT


I’ve been attending Paula’s classes for the past several years and she remains one of my favorite teachers.   Paula inspires her yoga students to go deep within so that her yoga classes become transformative – both inside and out.    She has thorough knowledge of the physical anatomy of yoga.  Her alignment cues are exactly what I need to flow through my class safely while allowing my breath along with Paula to be my guide.   She inspires by weaving her day-to-day experiences and personal growth as well as her deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, history, and alignment into her classes. The fact that Paula wants to take her practice even deeper by committing to further training, only highlights her passion and commitment to her practice and to her students.  I truly feel blessed to be able to learn and to practice with Paula.   I believe that she will continue to be an inspiration to her students and that many will benefit from Paula’s continued studies."

Terri S. , Darien CT


As a yoga instructor, Paula Bellini is exceptionally gifted. I've learned so much working with her over the past 2 to 3 years.  Technically, she's amazing, like a walking yoga encyclopedia and we benefit so much from her taking on additional instruction experiences to grow her own practice. Paula always reminds and encourages attention to form, and yet, she will never let you feel like you are doing something wrong. She simply challenges and guides everyone toward his or her own path.  I love her happy and energetic presence, her calm and smooth voice, and I'm always impressed with her music selections. Paula has made yoga an opportunity to “show up on the mat, be present, as in life!"

Denise S. , Darien CT


"Dear Paula Thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday's class. I very rarely come across a teacher that so skillfully weaves yoga philosophy with gradient asana sequencing in a way that is both challenging and compassionate. You didn't teach a class, but rather, guided an experience and opportunity for prana flow. Thank your for sharing your energy and practice! Love and light,"

Leslie, ERYT


"Paula is one of the first teachers I met when I began practicing yoga about 2yrs ago. Her knowledge of yoga is encyclopedic and the level of enthusiasm she generates in her classes is off the charts. These attributes alone make for a great instructor; but in Paula's case they are just the tip of the iceberg. Her true talent lies in how she interacts with her students; acknowledging and recognizing their weaknesses and building on their strengths. I can honestly say that Paula has made me a believer in the practice of yoga for life. Thank you Paula."

TD, Pelham, NY

"As a newcomer, and admitted skeptic to yoga, I found Paula’s style to be a great fit for me.A balance of power, finesse, patience, technique and focus on basics such as breathing and flexibility, helped me develop into a practice that was right for me.As she says in every class, “embrace your journey…” and that is indeed what yoga is for me."

MR, private student, White Plains, NY

"Paula, I always look forward to your classes!  They are innovative, thoughtful and fun.Last week, I took my first Restorative Yoga class with you. WOW! Working with the Yoga Balls was a new experience for me. My hips were sore that night but the next day I felt amazing. The arthritis pain that I often have in my hips disappeared. My hips have felt much looser all week. Thank you so much!! "

Michelle J, Pelham, NY

"Paula, you are such a true gift, I am so blessed to practice yoga with you. your energy, your passion of the life, have helped me understand both yoga and life deeply.i cant thank you enough for everything you taught, your inspirational and playful approach has bought my yoga to a new level! Thank you!"

Jian L., China


"Hi Paula: Thank you so much for teaching this week's community class at Yoga ShantI. You did a great job teaching a very diverse group of people ranging from 20-something-year-olds to senior citizens to the woman that was eight months pregnant and everybody in between! It was nice that you mentioned options for both the people that were limited with what they could do as well as for people who wanted more challenging poses. Namaste"

Karen S., Sag Harbor, NY


"Paula, it was a really good experience taking your class in sag harbor last night. I can say that it was one of the more enjoyable yoga classes I've ever taken."

Brian R., Sag Harbor, NY

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