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With decades of experience as a yogi, teacher and therapist, Paula offers practices to a wide range of audiences.  She is compassionate and encouraging, gifted with the skill to assess and address body and energy imbalances.  


Signature Classes

Over the years, Paula combined different yoga styles and techniques to create signature classes, each with a unique approach to health and wellbeing.


Corporate sessions

20-30 min lunch time sessions to help employees decompress  and recharge energy for better performance.  We breathe, move, stretch, laugh together to create stronger minds and fluid bodies.


Group sessions

A favorite prior to the pandemic!  We are now slowly bringing groups together again to practice my signature classes, reestablishing social interaction and strong communities!


Private sessions

A one-on-one practice tailored to each individual's needs.  Paula draws from numerous tools she acquired over the decades and customizes each session to bring body and mind into harmony.


Youtube videos

Enjoy free pre-recorded videos of Paula's signature classes on her Youtube channel.  Make sure you subscribe!!  New videos are shared on a regular basis.

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