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This is JoJo, "a wild Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) that freely interacts with humans. In 1989 this dolphin was declared a National Treasure by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. JoJo is a male dolphin weighing about 880 pounds (400 kg) and approximately 10 feet (3 m) in length, and is different from other dolphins in that he voluntarily interacts with humans."  

JoJo came into my life in 2001 and has been part of my healing journey:-)

A Dolphin's Tale
By Paula Bellini

"I had just graduated from Business School and Sebastian and I looked for the perfect Island to spend a week relaxing and decompressing from our busy schedules.  We were attracted to the wonders of Turks and Caicos, with no knowledge of what they were about to experience…

It was a beautiful sunny day with a refreshing breeze. Sebastian took on the challenge of sailing a catamaran in the Grace Bay area, proudly gliding across the bay.  We suddenly saw a shadow in the water and tried to follow it, unaware of what we would find…

In a blink of an eye, JoJo The Dolphin (as we learned later that day) playfully followed us around, jumping and making circles around the catamaran:-) He was so close we could have touched him!!  It was the most magnificent experience we ever had!!

Then, a couple of years after Sebastian passed, I took a healing weekend away and we did an exercise to find out what was our spirit animal.  And JoJo came to mind as if Sebastian was speaking to me<3

On my 50th birthday, I made a wish to swim with the dolphins and was blessed to touch them and play with them in open sea at The Dolphin Academy Curacao. I feel that it will always be a way to stay connected to Sebastian, honoring the best times we spent together, and knowing that he is resting in peace!"



“Dolphin as a spirit animal generally represents peace and harmony. It is joyful, graceful, compassionate, intelligent, instinctive, generous, and protective. It also symbolizes cooperation and freedom.”


Learn more about JoJo here!  

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